My Masai Mara Adventure Tembea Africa, Tembea Kenya, Fred Anyona This year has been one of the best so far, and I am so thankful to God and everyone that has made this possible. To be honest I cannot wait to see what the other half of 2016 has to offer. If you follow me on social media you know that I spent part of my summer holiday in Mpata Safari Club, Masai Mara. This was my second time here and it was a blast, again. Last year I had the amazing opportunity of watching the Wildebeest Migration and even being in the midst of the Wildebeests and Zebras. Read and Check out more HERE in my first blog.

My Masai Mara Adventure Tembea Africa, Tembea Kenya, Fred Anyona

My Masai Mara Adventure Tembea Africa, Tembea Kenya, Fred Anyona

This time my holiday was extremely relaxing and crucial, seeing that I am almost done with my university (college education) and my blog is picking up really well, which I am absolutely grateful for to all of you out there, reading this post. It is all a possibility thanks to you.

Mpata Safari Club By Fred Anyona Masai Mara

My Masai Mara Adventure Tembea Africa, Tembea Kenya, Fred Anyona

My culinary experience has been absolutely phenomenal and mind boggling, I honestly don’t even know how I will get back to eating my normal fried, mashed, baked potatoes. Mpata Safari Club is also such an amazing place with beautiful views and serenity. I would recommend it any time any day if you are looking for some time in the Mara.

My Masai Mara Adventure Tembea Africa, Tembea Kenya, Fred Anyona

For this post I will break it into sections because of the nature of the content.


Mpata Safari Club is located in the Masai Mara reserve, Narok county. It can be accessed by airplane using the Kichwa Tembo airstrip or by road. If you use the road it is roughly 6 to 8 hours depending on traffic and the speed. Its location is probably one of the best in the reserve. You get to see the whole reserve and the Maasai manyattas and town centres from the Baboon Bar and the pool area. It is a bit far from the main road but totally worth the dust. The hotel is well thought-out and planned with the conical and round shaped central structure hosting the bar, restaurant , den , reception and pool area. The rest of the hotel stretches across each side hosting the deluxe, and suite bandas[i] or rooms which are 25.


Mpata Safari Club has 25 rooms, but are numbered 1 to 26.  The bandas are amazing architectural pieces with French windows exposing the room to the views of the Mara Reserve and the Mara River and letting in as much light as possible. Each banda is conveniently hidden yet accessible for family and friends. They come in deluxe and suite. The only difference is that the suite comes with a kitchenette and heated Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi Is usually covered because the local baboons enjoy a little dip and wash their young in the warm water.The furniture also outlines the exclusivity of Japanese art and some piece are just phenomenal structures and all you want to do is stare at them.


The food was absolutely phenomenal and as diverse as could be. From sea food to potatoes (my love for potatoes is evident), to simple bolognese to lasagne, the list is endless. I especially loved their Mousse collection and their fresh salads. The portions were filling and hit the right spots. Their 5 course meal was one of the things I had been looking forward to. From freshly cut fruit for breakfast to creamy soups for lunch and perfectly braised octopus for dinner, my taste buds were having the best time.

Not to forget the impromptu entertainment from local Maasai men, who would dance and sing and perform their famous jump.

To many more memories.

Mpata Safari Club By Fred Anyona Masai Mara

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[i] Banda is Swahili for hut

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