Dadson Kariuki | Personal Shopper Kenya | Style Feature Dadson Kariuki is making a name for himself in the Kenyan fashion scene, being one of the youngest fashion entrepreneurs in its capital, Nairobi. Complete with a popular brand, the full time student has been able to make a name for himself in an industry full of fashion bloggers , stylists and designers. Read more on his journey and about him.

10 (+1) questions with Dadson Kariuki.

Dadson Kariuki | Personal Shopper Kenya | Style Feature

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Lover of life.

Tell us about your journey in style and entrepreneurship

Fashion and style has always been my passion. Entrepreneurship on the other hand has and still is a key aspect that I still have keen interest in. Hence my fashion venture, The Personal ShopperKE is a fusion of the two.

What was your vision behind “Personal Shopper KE”? How long have you been a shopper?

Early last year, January 2016 to be precise, I thought of ways of how I could venture into the Kenyan fashion industry providing a service that was not yet tapped. It was after brainstorming of ideas that I thought of the people who are behind their office desks for a 8AM-5PM shift with probably no time to get good quality fashion pieces or the person who has the time to do so but has no idea of where to get stylish yet affordable fashion attire. This gave rise to the Personal ShopperKE. A fashion venture that has been serving different people for one and a half years now.

Dadson Kariuki | Personal Shopper Kenya | Style Feature

What else do you do? (How do you balance and juggle the different elements in your life)?

Dadson Kariuki is also a student at Strathmore University pursuing a course in Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications currently in his last semester.

To be honest finding a balance to both work and school is hectic but time management has helped me know when and what is expected of me at a given time.

Apart from school and work, sometimes it could be strenuous to handle social relationships such as friendships because there are deadlines to beat from both school and work.

All in all, I love what I do!

How often do you collect or shop for items? What is the criterion?

If i am not having classes, I am sourcing for items for a particular client. However, the weekend is mainly when I am free to run the Personal shopping errands with ease.

The criteria or procedure followed is that a potential client approaches me from any platform (e.g. online platforms).He or she tells me of the fashion attire that they would want to have that could range from shoes, shirts, blouses, blazers practically any wearable fashion piece. For clarity, I most times would want a picture sample to have a clear description of what exactly the client wants.

The next step would be to go into the market and source for the item in question after which I will send the pictures via an online platform of their choice for their approval after which we agree on the price and a transaction is made via MPESA or any other money transfer option.

In case of size adjustments or the item not meeting the client’s preference, which is very rare, I get one that is to the client’s satisfaction and liking.

What has been a highlight and low moment in your career as a Personal Shopper?

Adaptability of the idea of a personal shopper by people and a growing market has definitely been a big highlight for me in my career. The idea that people are receptive to the service I offer has been a great stepping stone. Key factors that I am very grateful for.

However, for some, the notion of online shopping and especially it being something out of the norm in Kenya, they fear and are very rigid about the idea and invention which is a low moment but hopefully with time the tune will change.

The men and women you admire and why?

Karl Lagerfeld is a genius. I admire his sense of style and his work especially him being a creative director is something else.

Back home, I admire most designers and stylists who are making a name for themselves and changing how the fashion industry is seen both locally and internationally.

Dadson Kariuki | Personal Shopper Kenya | Style Feature

How important is social media, digital marketing to your business?

“The Personal ShopperKE” entirely revolves around social and digital marketing. Through social media is where a potential client gets to see the work that I do and the successful deliveries that have been made. The two are of paramount importance to me as a fashion entrepreneur as they act as the link between me and the clients. It is also through the two that I am able to market my service and create awareness about the Personal ShopperKE.

Greatest piece of advice for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

We are all on different journeys, travelling on different paths and at different paces. To thrive as a young entrepreneur you need resilience, determination and passion. Believing in one’s craft is also very key because as the entrepreneur, you are the only one who can bring your aspirations and dreams to life and reality.

What can our readers expect from you?

A continued, constant collection of great and awesome collection of stylish and affordable fashion pieces of different specifications and types.

Contact Dadson: Instagram: @personal_shopper_ke

: @dadson_kariuki_

Facebook Page: The Personal Shopper KE

Facebook Handle: Dadson Kariuki.

Twitter: @PSKE_

Phone Number: 0786507482/0721555084.