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Kilimall Kenya | Letter to the creatives |


Nairobi has and will always be part of my journey through this life. 24 years and still counting, I have met so many people, built so many relationships and lost a couple on the way, but heck that is life.

This post is a different approach to what I normally write about. Let’s just say it is my open letter to the creatives out here in Nairobi. I have always said that I have been passionate about communication and writing, as I grew older fashion and style for me was a mode of communication especially through bold and bright pieces. Yes, my love for black outfits and black clothing is very evident but inside my soul is as bright and optimistic as joy from the 2015 movie, Inside Out.

The creative scene in Nairobi is buzzing and infectious, with so many creatives from art, music and my forte, fashion springing up every day. Last year was a whirlwind for me, because I decided to focus on what I loved and I honestly worked my ass off to be where I am today. I am still hungry, not for success, not for fame and neither for free products and merchandise (but you can still bring it on). I am hungry to say the nation of Kenya grow and surpass what we have become so used to.

Countries like Nigeria and South Africa blossom and bloom creatively in the African continent. I do understand that countries do not develop at the same rate and the opportunities to the people might not be the same, but I do believe that self-drive and motivation is rooted in the success of certain nations.

Kilimall Kenya | Letter to the creatives |

Kilimall Kenya | Letter to the creatives |

Do not get me wrong, Kenyans have a lot of self-drive and motivation but the one thing that continues to grapple us and push us behind is the thought of “self”. Self to me is when one individual would hold onto an opportunity that would not have direct benefit to them, but would be of potential benefit to someone else. Self to me is when one would not share information with someone else because they feel threatened that the person would take their shine. Self to me is purposely misleading one so as to stay in control.

Sadly, I have experienced this in one way or another, and as disheartening as it was, I ignored the self and put in work, trusted in God and in myself and did everything I could do to stay afloat and carry everyone I could with me.

I do not claim to be the messiah, but I do believe that as creatives we need to come together and build the creative in Nairobi.

I rest my case.

Photography by ImsoGabriel


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Kilimall Kenya | Letter to the creatives |