2016 has been such an amazing year for me and my brand So You Like Fashion. I honestly never thought or anticipated any of the events that have to this day been a huge monument in my life. I remember the first step I took in fashion blogging was on November 26th in 2015. I was turning 22 and I was really excited about life, and I honestly was looking forward to doing much more with my passion and creativity.

Ankara Wear | Fashion Blogger | Fred Anyona | 2016 Fashion |I had my cousin Kevin Ogaro set up the website (his work is amazing) and when I paid the domain hosting fee, I knew that things were getting serious. It would be challenging but I will not give up on myself, or the dream and the vision I had in mind. Fast forward to today, December 30th 2016, literally a day before the end of 2016 , I have so much to be thankful for I do not even know how or where to start.

Ankara Wear | Fashion Blogger | Fred Anyona | 2016 Fashion |So many people, so many brands , so many events, a lot of memories, a lot of connections.

Fashion Blogging has been such an amazing experience. This one year has proved to be fast paced and full of adventure. I have had the amazing opportunity of interacting with some of not only Kenya's but also international fashion personalities. I have built relationships and connections that will last a lifetime. I have also had the chance to explore Nairobi and what it offers for creatives , from art fairs and exhibitions to events and experiences.

Ankara Wear | Fashion Blogger | Fred Anyona | 2016 Fashion |Through fashion blogging I have also had the chance to build my personal self through constant self-educating, through corporate relations. I have learnt to not only be in front of the camera but behind the camera as well. I have built my interpersonal and business skills through consistent constant dinners and functions.

I have been encouraged to go on with my dream and passion, through nationwide recognition thanks to Silvia Njoki, Sharon Mwangi among others, I have also had the chance to carry forth a dream and passion of International Brands like Daniel Wellington and +2 Clothing.

My social media skills have been perfected and appreciated, by brands that have rewarded my efforts like Infinix Mobility Kenya.

Fashion Blogging Tip

My message to you!

Never Stop! Never Give Up on You! Be Consistent! Believe! We all have different strengths and we might not all get the same attention as everyone else, but trust that all the hardwork and efforts that you are putting in are being recognized and is not in vain! Be You! Have Fun!

Ankara Wear | Fashion Blogger | Fred Anyona | 2016 Fashion |

Wearing Ankara Dust Coat and Matching Pants by Roma Designs Africa

Tshirt from ASOS

Chukka Boots by Polo Ralph Lauren

NeckPiece by Kipato Unbranded

Sunglasses and Ring from So You Like Fashion Shop

Watch by Infinix Mobility Kenya

Cuff by Co-Be Nairobi

Location: Tin Roof Cafe, The Souk , Karen

Ankara Wear | Fashion Blogger | Fred Anyona | 2016 Fashion |

To 2017!

Let the magic and spirit go on!