How To Style Bomber Jackets by fred anyona Bomber jackets are what millennials would refer to as being lit. Their silhouette makes them extremely versatile and functional, based on the fabric and the design they can be worn to college, work and even a business meeting. I especially love this new piece I got by a Chinese brand known as Alien.  I immediately wanted this jacket when I saw the strategic faux leather and the exaggerated collar.Bomber jackets can be considered a wardrobe staple for both guys and guys , because they are both dressy and dressed down. I already own two more similar jackets in the same silhouette, a leather jacket and a cotton jacket, (that I tend to wear a bit too much).

When styling a black bomber jacket with faux leather material it is important to have an image of the look in mind. This outfit is one of my easy go to outfits when I have absolutely nothing to wear , all you have to do is a pair of converse sneakers or any other trainers and a base color vest or t-shirt and you are good to go.

How To Style Bomber Jackets by fred anyona For the pants depending on where you are headed to or going to , you could always play safe with black khaki or jeans or go a little retro and try on a pair of acid wash denim jeans to achieve that classic 90s look. I decided to add character and personality with  a cap because I have been liking the chilled out vibes I get when I wear the cap, the whole reason why I wore it backwards is because it is a bit small and the only way it would look good is if it worn backwards. Not  to forget the awesome fact that the brand Est 89 is on the tightening strap. This look would also work well with a beanie if you are a beanie person. How To Style Bomber Jackets by fred anyona

How To Style Bomber Jackets by fred anyona

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Images by ImsoGabriel