Suit Up | Purple Reign | The Undisputed Man | Fred Anyona Suit Up | Purple Reign | The Undisputed Man | Fred Anyona2017 for me is about taking risks and making decisions that are different, I encouraged myself to push my personal goals and personal boundaries. When it comes to fashion and style, for one to be able to make an impact and be considered “one of the best” you must be extra. Extra!! Is the new term that I have come to live by, a term that I can say is part of the millennial lingo.


Let me expound on this before I digress any further, extra is doing more than you are used to. An example is when you decide to add that extra layer of lashes that might not really be necessary but make you look better, that is being extra. When you add that splash of cologne yet you are already smelling good,but it makes you smell better, that is being extra. When you jump on that rail to get a better shot of the view that is being extra. Being extra is going an extra mile and doing more to make what you are doing even better.

Suit Up | Purple Reign | The Undisputed Man | Fred Anyona

I am all about being versatile and being true to who you are, but that doesn’t mean that you should be stuck in where you are and not do something to challenge yourself. This post is about that; hence I am wearing a full suit. This is me being extra.

I knew I wanted to push myself close to a week ago, when I walked into City Market to collect a rose for a photoshoot, and I thought to myself why not do this. I called up the go to “Suit People” in Nairobi, The Undisputed Man. As the name suggests, wearing a suit or jacket gives you those vibes. They have dressed most Kenyan personalities like Kagwe Mungai, Erick Njoka and me, Fred Anyona.

I am an avid follower of IAmGalla who is a veteran in male fashion blogging and one of my most favourite blog posts that he has done is one where he is fully decked out in a burgundy suit and matching shirt in the middle of New York.

This post is really brief but all I want for you to get out of this is 1) to push yourself 2) be extra, and go the extra mile 3) do you 4) cut out all the negativity 5) to 2017!

Suit Up | Purple Reign | The Undisputed Man | Fred Anyona

When I went with the idea of a full monotone look, Trizah of the UDM suggested I break it up a bit and they will create a suit that is different from what they do ( hint: notice the black and purple lapel) . I paired this look with a black chinese collar shirt and my trustee chukka boots so give it a less formal look.


Bespoke suit | The Undisputed Man

Shirt | Roma Designs Africa

Chukka Boots  | Polo Ralph Lauren

Jewelry | Kipato Unbranded (Afrykah Ring and Cuff)  | Evemaya Designs (Crown Ring)

Watch | Classic Durham by Daniel Wellington

Photography by Canny Sophen 

Suit Up | Purple Reign | The Undisputed Man | Fred Anyona