Suits and The Classic Man mantra and look is not my forte. I am more of a casual official kind of guy and i am inspired by mixing up trends and looks to have that unique look and feel to my style and presentation. Style Feature | Nick Nimrod | So You Like Fashion

Nick Nimrod on the other hand is all about bespoke suits. I first came across Nick on my Facebook Timeline in late 2014 and what attracted me to his page was the fit of his suits and how they had a certain Je ne se quoi to them and to his look.

I got to town expecting to see this dapper man dressed in a suit and he did not disappoint, his navy blue suit and red shirt ensemble with a red and navy blue tie to match stood out in the Nairobi Streets. He was from a meeting and looked really classy. I honestly wanted to replace my white Lacoste shirt with a good fitted suit jacket.
 Style Feature | Nick Nimrod | So You Like Fashion
He only makes bespoke suits which have to be ordered in advance and they come in various fabric and designs. He joined the industry five years ago and has the clientele to boot  from Kenyan Artists like Rabbit. The self employed fashion designer is not weary of his competition but admires and respects everyone who is trying to do their own thing and build their own brands.
 Style Feature | Nick Nimrod | So You Like Fashion
Some of the challenges he faced starting the business, was the entrance into the Kenyan market and through his partnership with Ashok Sunny he has been able to overcome and build his market and secure himself a place in the Kenyan Fashion Industry.
Nick Nimrod is passionate and knows what he is doing and this is what sets him apart from the rest.
Images c/o Nick Nimrod
To Contact Nick Nimrod for bespoke suits call on +254701273327