Infinix Kenya is always looking to be on top of it's game when it comes to technology and making the user experience as friendly and innovative as it can get. So far , they released the Infinix  X-band which is a smartwatch that can do more than tell the time (check out here) , they also released the Dual Noise Cancelling Headphones(check out here) and now they have the XShot lenses. DSC_0364Infinix Xshot Lens On Infinix Zero 4

The Xshot lenses are only compatible with the Infinix Zero 4 or Zero 4 Plus. There has been loads of requests for Infinix to release other sets for the other handsets , all I know is that , that is under discussion.

The three lenses come in a simple black box that is similar to the one that the Zero 4 Plus comes in. Inside you have 4 pieces which are: The 198 Degree Fish Eye Lens, the 4K HD Wide Angle, 15X HD Macro and the tool that you will attach the lenses to. Instantly the design and the look of the lens is very appealing and it does not look as bulky as one would assume.

Infinix Xshot Lens On Infinix Zero 4

Micro lenses are good at enhancing the optical zooming capability of mobile phones and with the already powerful camera capabilities of the Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus the result is bound to be amazing.

The Xshot lens will be available soon in Kenya and will retail for around KES 2500 TO KES 3000 will keep you posted on availability.

The 198 degree fish eye lens: 

Infinix Xshot Lens On Infinix Zero 4

The Fish Eye lens basically creates the Fish Eye effect that captures more when it comes to taking a picture in aerial view. If its a Foodie post it will be able to capture more items on display , or if it a rooftop it will also do the same.


4K HD wide angle/ 15X HD Macro Lens: These two lenses are bundled up and instantly captures a wider angle than is captured by the normal camera. Perfect for family photos and even landscapes , not to mention selfies of a lot of people.

Infinix Xshot Lens On Infinix Zero 4

The tool or lens clamp allows one to use both lenses on the secondary and primary camera, I will share a couple of pictures on my Instagram and Social Media.

Infinix Xshot Lens On Infinix Zero 4

Other than that is you have any questions or comments , hit me up via social media or drop a comment here.

Photography By Canny Sophen 

Location : Nairobi

Outfit: Mr Price Kenya

Jewelry: Kipato Unbranded

Technology: Infinix Zero 4 Plus and Infinix Xshot Lens.