Afroganics | Coconut products | So You Like Fashion Coconuts are one of the most popular items across the globe, found mostly in the coastal region, they are a source of food for many. When you visit the cities and towns in the Kenyan coast , there are all of these different delicacies and meals, from wali wa nazi (coconut rice) , to maharagwe ya nazi (coconut beans) that utilize the fruit or is a nut? Having lived in the Coast Province for close to 5 years , coconut oil was one of the most popular and cherished products. When I first learnt of Afroganics I was intrigued by their complete utilization of the coconut. Based in Mombasa, Afroganics is quickly building brand reputation and curving its way into the homes and hearts of many with their wide range of coconut products. The benefits of coconuts are many and these are found in the different products and bi-products of the coconut. Afroganics provides all these through ready to use products.

Afroganics | Coconut products | So You Like Fashion

  My favorite product is the Coconut Jelly in pine and lemon scent. When I started using this, I immediately felt the difference in my skin, and unlike the normal petroleum jelly, the shine and shimmer of the oiliness blends in with the skin, and does not leave one feeling like there is a layer of oil. Some of the benefits are : it reduces age spots and scars, is suitable as a daily moisturizer and acts as an under eye cream. Plus it comes in 4 other scents natural, rose, eucalyptus, and strawberry.

The Afroganics Eucalyptus Scent Jelly acts as a mosquito repellent.

My next favorite is the Coconut Scrub. This is the secret formula to smooth soft skin. The sugar scrub that is rich in essential oils and coconut exfoliates and removes dead skin cells leaving the skin polished and radiant. I dare you to touch me next time you see me.

Afroganics | Coconut products | So You Like Fashion

Afroganics | Coconut products | So You Like Fashion Coconut oil is another product by Afroganics, which is rich in Vitamin E and K and keeps the skin in tip top shape. Coconut Oil is also known to be popular for hair growth and protection and can be used as a conditioner. As well as good for cooking.

Afroganics | Coconut products | So You Like Fashion Some other products that are available from Afroganics but I haven’t tried are the Coconut Vinegar and Coconut Nectar. Yeah, you read that right. The vinegar is rich in minerals like potassium among others and is low on the glycemic index, which is good for diabetic patients. Coconut nectar is known to be a pure sweetener, which can be used as syrup on pancakes and a substitute for honey. Try any of the Afroganics products and let me know what you think.

Afroganics | Coconut products | So You Like Fashion

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