For Hims | Men's Health | Skin Care | Sex | Hair Care Let us talk about guys for once. Women have always been the centre of conversation when it comes to matters health, wellness and general body changes. Men too face a couple of issues that are common to more than one , and seeing that we as men are not so open about sharing issues of health unless it is fitness , we tend to suffer alone through diseases , infections and body changes. As a guy when was the last time you visited a doctor for a regular check-up? Do you even have a constant doctor?

This post is about a new service that provides a one-stop shop to some of the men's health issues and problems that we might face. Hims is a company that aims at making a difference to what most of us as men have decided to keep to ourselves. From hair loss , ED and skin care. Not only is there the advantage of having products that aim at assist in dealing with some of these issues , they also offer professional tips and advice on some of the issues one might be facing.


Skin Care

I got my first pimple when I was around 13 and for the next 5 years , they came and went through my teenage years. I still get the occasional one or two (but I highly blame my bad eating habits).  According to Men's Health article on how to pop a pimple , The only pimples you should pop are whiteheads or blackheads. “These are acne tissue that are almost ready to pop on their own,” dermatologist William Kwan, M.D. explains. These are some of the things some of us do not consider or even know. Skin care goes beyond what you eat , it could be what products you are using or even sleeping patterns. ForHim's aims at changing the narrative through an informative blog on their website , Savoir Faire where they offer advice on skin care routine and so much more.

For Hims | Men's Health | Skin Care | Sex | Hair Care


This is where most of us tend to have our own two cents. From coconut oil products to natural remedies and letting your hair grow out , there is a lot of information on hair care. Some of us face premature balding or hair loss , there is a complete hair kit with a range of products to assist in the process, from vitamins to shampoo.

For Hims | Men's Health | Skin Care | Sex | Hair Care


Being an African , as liberated as we think we are we do not share any information about our sexual health with the right people , yes we will go into google and occasionally search for a couple of topic , however we rarely go to the doctors. Him's  provides an alternative approach to this where you are able to access information , there’s no sign-up fee, you'll receive a consultation with a doctor, and treatment solutions generally range from $9-35.

With that , you have no reason to suffer on your own, all you have to do is check out the website and tell us what you think. Stay Healthy.

For Hims | Men's Health | Skin Care | Sex | Hair Care


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