Certain people around me helped raise the serotonin in me, and I was happy because I got the chance to have them in my life at that point in my life. In contrast with right now, I am beaming with joy because I feel that my heart is in the right place.

As I listen to Khalid’s new album, Suncity I realise something. I have been able to learn how to love myself fully, love my own company, love the little things about me. Being an only child, by default you are your own best friend and number one fan (after your parents of course) but no one else knows you better than you know yourself. That means you are aware of your own happiness.

For some people, it’s about working out and achieving something great, for others its as simple as indulging in a piece of chocolate cake. For some people like me, it is about being in clean, silent environment with Sabrina Claudio playing in the background and nothing but an invisible almost transcient feeling enveloping me.

The key to living a good life is by living positively, avoiding all forms of negativity, and being able to understand what makes you happy. Go through that journey of self discovery, it is not as overrated as they say or a you may think. it does help, trust me.

With that I smile more. It’s infectious! Have a great week and don’t let the world weigh you down.

I write this from a very genuine place in my heart where I have nothing but beaming self joy and happiness. Last year around this time, I had joy and yes I was happy but the happiness was from the people around me.