You have probably heard of the saying ‘a man is known by his shoes’ but because most of my readers are millennials or digital natives you are not too familiar with it. As much as it might be old school, it holds some water. The appearance and condition of your shoes might not matter so much to you, but to the rest of the world they speak volumes. From moccasins to vans, boots, oxfords, loafers, brogues, and converse, a man and his shoes are like a fisherman and his net. He has to choose a pair that compliments his style and even if he doesn’t, the people (especially women) around him keep taking notes (Hence why we have our mothers, wives and sisters always buying us shoes)

Most of all, with or without style considerations, choice of shoes has something to do with personality. Here are some of the traits showcased by what your shoes say about you.



what does your shoe say about you

Sandals: Flip-flops and sandals are linked to extra freedom. Men who like them are free spirited and their search for freedom does not allow them to pay much attention to style and safety. They are more into other things that nurture their free spirit. However, there is a unique group that wears sandals with socks. This appears to emulate a sign of confusion and you can never truly tell what that kind of a man is thinking.

what does your shoe say about you

Oxfords: These sleek shoes are a sign of seriousness in terms of both style and personality. They come with a lot of effort and consideration. For example, they require time for polishing and selecting an outfit (mostly a suit) to match them.

what does your shoe say about you

Rubber Sneakers: This category includes shoes such as converse and vans. These are commonly worn by cool guys; who do not want to try so hard but at the same time still care about their appearance. They are simple and smart at the same time. Sports shoes: These shoes are sporty in nature as the name suggests. They are mostly worn by sports lovers but they also create a  positive vibe when worn casually with a pair of jeans and a presentable t-shirt.

what does your shoe say about you

Boots: Boots are a sign of roughness. This does not mean that the guys who love them never have soft spots or moments in their life. They do. However, they mostly see things from a less gentle angle.

What are you thoughts on this? Overall, despite your preference in terms of style, smelly, dirty, scuffed, and torn shoes should be a no go zone. They portray a man as irresponsible, neglectful and disorganized. It is advisable to air, and brush your shoes once it a while for preservation reasons.

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