The Art & Style of a Rolled Shirt Sleeve

Never thought you’d be reading an article one day that took you through the finer details of a shirt-sleeve roll – Did you?! There is more to fashion and style.  Have an interesting read on how to roll a shirt sleeve and up your dapper game. Let me know your thoughts.

The Art & Style of a Rolled Shirt Sleeve | Vitruvien | Fred Anyona | How to Roll Shirt Sleeve

Well, when it comes to fashion, never rule out the impossible.

At, the one-stop shop for tailored shirts for men customized to perfection, we focus on the most intricate details of fine dressing. The classic shirt sleeve roll, from being just a roll to beat the heat or getting casual to now an understated yet integral style statement, has left no one untouched. Here are some must-know sleeve rolls every suave man needs to know:

The Art & Style of a Rolled Shirt Sleeve | Vitruvien | Fred Anyona | How to Roll Shirt Sleeve

1. The Classic Casual Roll

It involves least amount of folding; little to no wrinkles and only a portion of your forearm is visible. Just unbutton, fold the cuff back and then fold once more to hide the cuff. This will play well with a loose-fitted casual shirt for an after-a-hectic day at work look, or for casual drinks out with the boys.

2. The Master Roll:

Next up, is the suaver version of the casual roll and also the more acceptable one. Unbutton the cuff, roll it back and pull the sleeve all the way up to just below your elbows. Then gently roll from the sleeve’s bottom end to cover the cuff leaving just enough for the top end of the cuff fabric revealed. If it is a contrast fabric inside the cuff, it will look even better.

3. The Basic-of-Basics Roll:

A hard day of toiling foreseen at work? worry not! Just unbutton the cuff, fold it back, and start folding it keeping the width of the cuff as your yardstick until you’ve made it past your elbow. You’re now ready for any physical challenge coming your way!

4. The Mariner’s Roll:

While perfect for manual labour, we’d say it’s a perfect opportunity to flaunt those muscular arms to woo the lady with your laid back demeanour as you decide to chop some wood in your back yard. What this does require, is some rolling before you wear the shirt. Place the shirt on the bed, roll your cuff back and using the width, roll the sleeves a couple of times until you’ve crossed the basic-of-basics roll as well.

There you go , a little information goes a long way. Share this article and let others know there is more to rolling a shirt.

The Art & Style of a Rolled Shirt Sleeve | Vitruvien | Fred Anyona | How to Roll Shirt Sleeve