Gabu Fords is one of the household names that you think about  when you think of top male fashion models in Kenya and East Africa. Gabu was recently cast in an interesting music video Ensobosobo by Cece Sagini alongside Nelvin Chuma and Brian Onyango where his physique and talent was showcased and embodied by the character he played , HERE.  I first came across his work on Instagram and was immensely intrigued by his portraits shots and body shots and his aura in the pictures he was in. I especially loved seeing him push the envelope in Kenyan male model scene when he worked with Kenyan Award winning stylist Brian Babu, in the picture below. This is what I learnt from a conversation with Gabu Fords.Gabu Fords | So You Like Fashion Style Feature | MCM Who is Gabu Fords?

Gabu Fords is a black male model from Kenya who is into and is in a lot of  photography,art and commercial modeling

Kenyan Gabu Fords | So You Like Fashion Style Feature | MCM

Kenyan Gabu Fords | So You Like Fashion Style Feature | MCM Kenyan Gabu Fords | So You Like Fashion Style Feature | MCM

Was modeling something you had always wanted to do growing up?

Not really. I really did not know or was interested in the modeling career until in 2012 while I was still in campus.

How long and how did you get into the Kenyan fashion industry?

I started out in 2013, but felt that my work as a model was felt stronger in 2015. I can say I found myself in the industry by default , I had no one to guide me through the process, but I am grateful to Osborne Macharia who helped my breakthrough through his photography.

What are some of the highlights and low moments in your career so far?

I don't think I do have any low moments because I love and enjoy being a model

Kenyan Gabu Fords | So You Like Fashion Style Feature | MCM

Who are some of your role models in the fashion industry ?

I like to think of myself as my own role model because I believe every model has his own unique features but I do look up to  Adonis Bosso (Septum Papi)  and D&A as a champ

You have worked with loads of photographers and been on various shows, what is to date your favorite collection or show?

Everyone I have worked with does an amazing job.I have never been disappointed with working with any of them.They are all really good and talented in their own scope.

Tell us about the shoot you had with Armstrong Too, Brian Babu and the scarf?

It was all about the concept and the lighting which worked. Let me just say that.

What are your thoughts on the male modeling scene in Kenya

I honestly feel that the modeling scene is very competitive and is somewhat choosy or picky  at the same time.

Kenyan Gabu Fords | So You Like Fashion Style Feature | MCM

Is it difficult being an African male model?

It is a blessing to be an African male model. According to me, Africans are the one who got all the features. Literally like 90%. After all who doesn't love Black. ☺

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

God willingly I'll be at the peak of my career.I'll have achieved my target

What more do you want to do in your life and in your personal career?

Apart from modeling I am also a barechest bartender and am venturing into small business.Am a journalist by profession and so am working on coming with something unique for the Industry

What was your first modeling job ever?

My first Runway was Ibuka Event at The university of Nairobi way back in 2013.and my first commercial job was with Equitel in 2014

What would we be surprised to know about you?

Keep guessing, it's a surprise. Wait

Kenyan Gabu Fords | So You Like Fashion Style Feature | MCM

You are into working out and keeping fit. How do you maintain your body?

Working out in the gym, Jogging, eating healthy, loads of hard work, as well  dedication and prayer

What advice do you have for anyone trying to get into the industry?

If you want to be in the industry,you have to pay the cost of being in the industry. Make the necessary sacrifices you need to.

What do you think makes you different from the other models?

I am young,gifted,blessed and black


God loves you all

Kenyan Gabu Fords | So You Like Fashion Style Feature | MCM

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