There always comes a time when life literally seems to speed by. I joined USIU in Fall 2012, and was excited about being a university student (or college kid- depending on what part of the world you come from) This was a pretty intense time in my life because just as any student I was trying to figure out what my future would look like. Don't get me wrong I envisioned it, but I needed to back up my vision with that college education and overall college experience. 4 years down the line, I am done with college life (for my undergraduate degree) and I can honestly point out the differences in how I am today and how I was before I joined uni. This is growth. Reason behind this post is that I used to do , used to wear  and used to have certain things that I might not necessarily have or do in this moment in my life. Post-uni , I can confidently call myself a young, creative ,millennial.

One thing that I have always loved or will always love and live for is bags. I have always been a junkie for bags. Meet me in the streets of Nairobi , trust me I will be carrying along a lot of items, from  a GQ magazine, a can of soda, my pair of sunglasses , a notebook , my laptop and probably a pair of shoes I just got. Transitioning from being that college kid with loads of course texts and notebooks to a young creative adult with a laptop and printed out excel sheets (because my JD requires me to) I need to be able to change that up in how I dress and what I carry around.

What's In my Bag | MAHI Leather What's In my Bag | MAHI Leather

Backpacks have always been the go-to for my uni life , because I was that kid. Having a new job in a local jewelry company , my priorities have changed and I feel myself transitioning into a messenger bag kind of guy. Plus, a messenger bag is an accessory that is as versatile as a Daniel Wellington watch, can be worn with any outfit, denim to khaki , dapper to urban .

I have been getting a couple of questions about what types of bags would be best for a college kid or a working man and I think the first thing would be to get a leather bag. Leather is durable, strong, flexible, resilient and, if treated correctly, will stay beautiful forever.





A tote bag is ideal especially if you are one who carries a lot of things on a daily, I know a couple of students , stylists and shoppers that carry a tote bag in their everyday life. A messenger bag is ideal if you are carrying around a laptop on the daily or notebooks. A backpack is pretty good if you carry an assortment of items. Then there is the duffle bag which can act as the master bag, if you are into working out and going to the gym.


MAHI leathers offers all these and the best part is that every bag is made to order. Yeap!! Every bag is made to order and shipped directly from MAHI’s workshop which reduces waste, their carbon footprint, and removes the ‘middleman’ which allows them to be around 50% cheaper than high street equivalents. You can check out their bags collections HERE


MAHI Leather is named after the Mahi River and $1.50 from every MAHI sold is donated to FRANK Water charity, a UK charity that has helped over 300,000 people gain access to clean drinking water since 2005.

(Since every bag is made to order you can get yours customized , which makes it a perfect gift for him or her )

This post is sponsored by MAHI Leather. All opinions are my own.