Instagram can be likened to an online portfolio for a photographer, model or business, most people ask to know your Instagram handle to have a feel of what your brand or what you are about. The first step when deciding to build your social media especially Instagram is to have a theme in mind. The theme can be built on color palette, type of content, and an overall feel. Based on the theme it is important to have an aesthetically pleasing feed.


For colour palette,  some people have images where they pick out a color that would be dominant on their feed, while others have a certain way that their images are arranged, and lastly some Instagram feeds are gloomy and dark, while others are bright and saturated.For color, it is important to have a pattern, a good example is Ruby Tiffanie, who uses different pieces, textures in her images to display a colour , and her feed transitions from color to color.

Instagram hacks-tips-and-tricks-fred-anyona

Then there is the popular white theme where a white background is dominant across the feed. I used this for a while on my feed, but Beata Otieno has been able to perfect this on her feed. From lifestyle shots to fashion show and flatlays.

Instagram hacks-tips-and-tricks-fred-anyona


Then there is the HDR edit, where the sharpness and contrast of the images are bumped up and the images are often crisp with dark tones and dark shadows. My favorite account is Toni Mahfud, whose images are pretty stunning.

Instagram hacks-tips-and-tricks-fred-anyona

Instagram hacks-tips-and-tricks-fred-anyona

In my case, I picked the tri-set where I post an image in three different shots or the same concept in three different images. I know people have been doing this for a long time, and Kourtney Kardashian is big on this. I particularly like this because I get to share three perspectives of an idea or content.


For posting on your timeline it is important to understand the timings that work for you and the audience (potential and actual) this makes it easier to capitalize on the amount of interaction that you need or want to have. Apart from this you also need to think about the different time zones in the world especially if you are a brand that has a global outreach program.

Instagram hacks-tips-and-tricks-fred-anyona


Having done a lot of research in the area of social media, it is advised that you use 10 to 15 hashtags related to the exact type of content you have, the interest of users you want to view and the kind of content you want. For example if you want to niche yourself in the blogging sphere you can use hashtags like #mensfashionblogger, you can be more specific and use #kenyanmalefashionblogger #wineblogger , you get the drift? You can also check out what other similar brands or competitors are using to get more in case you are having a hard time creating.

This is the first bit of this post, I will be posting a couple more Instagram hacks and tips that I come across as well as share some of what I use for my social media.


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