It’s back to school season and I know some days are usually tough when it comes to thinking about your classes and assignments.

But one of the ways that I used to pick myself up during a tough week was by dressing well and feeling good about my outfit.


Trust me, college and university gets tough at some point for everyone. Just that sometimes we all tend to have different struggles and one of the struggles you can get rid of easily is not looking like a lost college kid.

Loads of students from high school through to college and university struggle with being cool and looking like you just came off of an Instagram campaign, which is alright but sometimes it does not have to be that serious.

It’s pretty simple to be honest, all you have to do is pick out your outfit the night before and prepare for the next day. One of the ways to ace your back to school outfit is by being thematic on how you dress. Some days wear a hoodie, some days wear a t-shirt, some days stick to the crewneck.

Once you have all that figured out, it gets easier for you to play around with the different elements of style and fashion. For this particular back to school outfit hack, I picked the crewneck sweater which is iconic when it comes to outfits for school.

I got this vintage Mickey Mouse crewneck from Caramel.Kreme and I paired it with my trustee dad jeans ( because I forgot all about my other denim) and paired it with white vans sneakers because nothing screams back to school more than Vans.