Capsule wardrobes are a big deal right now. But it's not just those of us looking to shop less who are loving this practical wardrobe scheme – entrepreneurs have made the most of capsule wardrobes for years to overcome decision fatigue.

Well known faces such as Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg have been using a set wardrobe to reduce their time getting ready on a morning and save their decision making for important things, such as business plans. 

Decision fatiguemeans your productivity and creativity are reduced because of the number of decisions that are required of us in everyday modern life. Using a capsule wardrobe will help you make fewer decision on a morning and still look great.

To get started on your capsule wardrobe (and start your journey toward entrepreneurship) here are our top six essentials for every man’s capsule wardrobe.


1) Quality Denim

Denim is probably one of the most worn fabrics in all of our wardrobes. As one of those items we wear most days, it's important to invest in pieces that will fit perfectly and last for years. Consider a quality pair such as Armani jeansto elevate your wardrobe and pull together any casual look. 

2) Tailored Shirt

Whether it's work, a night out or date night, a tailored shirt will suit most occasions. Consider buying a few different colours for each occasion, perhaps a white, grey and coloured shirt. Shirts should be well-fitting, so make sure to try before you buy. Also, know which style you like, whether that's fitted, relaxed, cuffed or cufflinks. 


3) A Smart Jacket

Everyone needs a smart jacket in their wardrobe to elevate their outfit and carry them from a casual day out to a night out. Consider tweed or wool jackets for hard-wearing, stylish pieces that will last a long time. Quality is key when it comes to tailoring, so make sure you take your time to invest in the right piece, and don’t be afraid to get something altered.

4) Suit

Every man needs a great suit. Consider the latest trends before buying, but classic is often best when it comes to men's tailoring. Grey and black are great choices to mix your suit with various shirts and ties, while slimline tailoring is universally flattering. Again, quality is key here, so be prepared to invest. 

5) Jumper

When the temperatures dip, don't cut down on style. Layer a 100% lambswool jumper over shirts for a smart and cosy look. Choose a vibrant colour to contrast with your collar and make sure to buy the best quality wool you can afford. This will mean the garment lasts and doesn't pill too often. 

6) Shoes and Boots

Every man needs at least two pairs of key shoes: a smart pair of shoes, and a pair of boots that can be worn for walking or dressed up for smarter occasions in winter. These key pieces will complete your look and make sure you are ready for any social occasion.