Autumn is mostly about reminiscing of summer but being hopeful for the fall. Having said that, yes it is time to let go of the short shorts and tank tees but it’s time to welcome and pull out the cosy sweater and dusting the dust of the duster coats.

The leaves from the trees are starting to drop, but the rain constantly keeps on showing like the ex girlfriend or boyfriend that your mum keeps on inviting over because she thinks that you guys are still a perfect match. If you are looking to create a whole new wardrobe for the next season, look no further because most stores are stocking up on the cosy sweater or the teddy jackets. Speaking of, did you the one that I tried on from @Topman? If not, check it out here and let me know what you think. Should I cop it or not? ( Cop it basically means get it).


For this outfit, I kept it super simple with a cosy sweater from Topman, and I am aware that many stay away from wearing black and yellow because you might come off looking like a bumble bee, but there is a trick to it. By pairing certain pieces and having an element overpowering the other. For instance, if you are wearing a yellow sweater, DO NOT wear yellow shoes to match the sweater, wear a different base colour like white or black.


Are you investing in a cosy sweater this season? Share with me and let’s see how you pair them with your reminiscence of summer. Use the #SoYouLikeFashion hashtag to get featured on the Instagram page.