Africans within Africa and globally have always been keen on being a representation of their culture, their background, their home, and their people.


This has translated into people (Africans or people of African descent) creating businesses and brands that are an extension of this ideal. 


I have highlighted a couple of African brands and businesses in the past and each has their own narrative and vision. Koded Signature is not unique to this. Created by Michael Eyeh, Koded Signature is an African fashion brand based in Canada, with an international market for their products. 

 Michael Eyeh had one thing in mind when he was creating his brand, this was; infusing African designs into fashion without compromising on the standard and quality of the final product.

As we had a chat about his brand he told me that he was very particular about his product and brand image. Having studied Global Business in Humber College, as well as Finance and Business administration he was able to put in the same skills that he learnt to practise with this own brand, Koded Signature. 


Michael Eyeh, has worked on his brand for 5 years, and has a team of people that help with the marketing of his brand. He has also been able to create a logistics system that assists in the day to day running of the shipping process of his products globally.  

“People buy who they know” Michael Eyeh highlighted this when we talked about his marketing strategy and the need to engage with customers online through social media platforms and other marketing avenues.


Some of the challenges that he faces are ; selling to Africans abroad and imitation of Koded Signature products. 

Koded Signature products are available on their instagram (  or on their website