It is fashion week season across the world and different countries and fashion cities are hosting their fashion shows of the season. I was very excited to attend my first African Fashion Week Toronto edition that was held from August 30th to September 2nd, 2018 at the Globe and Mail Centre in downtown Toronto. #AFWT (African Fashion Week Toronto) was celebrating its 6th edition, with designers from all over the world with African descent. 

Being new to the Toronto Fashion scene, I was very eager to learn about the fashion scene in Canada, attend events and interact with different players and individuals in Toronto. African Fashion Week Toronto would be the best place to start my journey. 

This year, AFWT2018 had 15 designers showcasing. For Saturday's show that I attended I was able to see designs from The French Couture, Gervacy, Kwesiya, Eaden Myles and a special collection, Africana by Adebayo Jones. Lets talk about the show before the designers, the venue was easy to find, and perfect for the fashion show. It was a bit confusing where to go at first because the ushers were at the lobby entrance and not at the entrance of the event. However, once you walked around you could see the expo area and the food stand, the drinks and all the good stuff. All in all, everything outside the show was okay, no hiccups and no crazy stuff happening. 

Let's talk about the show, my favorite collections were by Gervacy and French Couture. Gervacy by Kadeem Faustin was on point and what I love, CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN FASHION. His brand is youthful, fresh and vibrant which can be seen from the designs and silhouettes. " Gervacy brings a fresh take to an old industry, by method of defiance, androgyny and African print" African Fashion Week Toronto. 

Here is a collection of images from the different shows and designers, what are your thoughts on some of the pieces and their collections? What can you say are the visible strengths and shortcomings in the designs.

Comment below or contact for any feedback and/or for event review and collaborations.