Fred AnyonaComment


Fred AnyonaComment

If you follow me on instagram (@byfredanyona) and on social media, you have spotted the change in my #ShoeLove. I have become what the fashion world calls a sneaker head. My love for sneakers is highly influenced by the fact that my style has also changed to be a bit more streetwear and more urban than what it used to be back home in Nairobi.

With my love my sneakers, I will be sharing what I can say is my must have sneakers for all seasons. When shopping for sneakers (and any other shoes), I am keen on versatility. How often will I wear this pair of sneakers, how can I wear this pair of sneakers differently and can I get this pair of sneakers in different colours? These are some of the basic questions I like to ask myself when I walk into Champs, FootLocker or Nike Toronto to grab myself a pair of sneakers.

At the moment, I do not want to break the bank, but I do want to get something affordable and hot! With a lot of influence from Pause Online and my 16 year old cousin, I know what is hot, what is not and what is trending.


Everyone needs a pair of black sneakers and I decided to get the Nike Air Force 1 Mid ‘07. This are super versatile and easy to wear. You can dress them up in a full monochromatic grey suit or dress them down with a pair of denim shorts and t-shirt. These are a perfect start if you are not into sneakers but want to start wearing them.



Another pair of must have sneakers are white sneakers. These give your outfit and look a clean finish. For white sneakers I opted for something that is more dressy and more stylish without being too “street” As styled in this image, I wore these COS sneakers with white dress pants from Zara, and the full outfit turned out super minimal and clean.


I am excited about another pair of sneakers, do you think I should get another pair of sneakers in red? Would red sneakers be a must have pair of sneakers?

Let me know below.