Sneakers have always been a number one go to for many people, male and female. Regardless of industry, occupation or age, people love their sneakers.

With the advent of platforms like Instagram, terms and hashtags have continued to bloom. Example, #SneakerHead #SneakerFam and many more. 


Brands too have taken up the challenge to make their sneakers less mainstream and more authentic in design and concept. 2018 saw the rise and hype of the dad sneakers by streetwear brands like Balenciaga and Yeezy. Other brands like Versace and even Chanel have followed suit, and these are brands that didn’t even think about making sneakers 5 years ago. 


Puma which has always been a noticeable brand is not left behind with the trend, and we have seen the brand collaborate with Rihanna to release Fenty by Puma.


Despite the fact that Puma has always been picked third best after Nike and Adidas, we have seen the brand make strides with a couple of their sneakers. For instance these Puma RS-0 Play that I picked up from La Maison Simmons, (or as Canadians are familiar with...Simons) serve the purpose of both style and functionality which is what we all really want today!


For this look, I am staying true to my new found love for colors and this outfit was no different. Inspired by fall and the post fall season I paired an orange corduroy jacket with an orange knit sweater both from Forever 21, and a pair of fitting skinny jeans from H&M. This look is one of the most easiest to style and I stayed true to my number one #StyleTip, match the colors to make it work! 

What do you think about this look?  


Images by Mitchell of (